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An Update on Demineralization/ Remineralization

Course Number: 73

Clinical Images Taken with the DIFOTI

Example of clinical image taken with DIFOTI
Example of buccal clinical image taken with DIFOTI
Clinical Images Taken with the DIFOTI - Figure 3
Clinical Images Taken with the DIFOTI - Figure 4
Image showing interproximal caries found using DIFOTI

Interproximal Caries found using DIFOTI

Image showing occlusal caries found using DIFOTI

Occlusal Caries found using DIFOTI

Young34 reviewed both DIFOTI and DIAGNOdent with respect to their clinical uses and possibilities in early caries detection and management. Although each of these approaches showed early promise, they both suffered from limitations of the technologies used.

One of the newest trans-illumination methods is the DIAGNOcam35 system. Information on the DIAGNOcam system can be found at This system is a transillumination device that works with infrared light and essentially sees right through the teeth. Although it is not a quantitative device, it does provide a unique perspective on the current state of overall tooth health. While not yet available in the United States, it is clear that tooth imaging technologies using optical trans-illumination continue to be at the forefront of dental hard tissue research.