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Photo of dad helping son brush his teeth

Children's Dental Health

Children's Dental Health Activities & Materials

Make Brushing Amazing material cover

Kids Activities

Printable activity sheets with fun Disney characters for children of all ages.

A Lasting Smile Start with Great Oral Health Habits material cover

Education Guide

This educational guide is a great resource for parents. A step-by-step guide with ideas for children of all ages that help parents "Make Brushing Amazing

Waiting Room Poster

Office Poster

Display this poster with brushing instructions in your office to engage children's imaginations and make oral care fun.

All-Star Brusher Award example

Brusher Certificate

Present to kids for achieving a healthy smile by improving daily brushing habits.

The Amazing world of Oral Health material cover

Tools for Reaching Classroom Educators

Use this letter when reaching out to teachers to share all of the great tools available to them for Children's Dental Health in their classrooms. Additionally, share the teacher's guide and Amazing World of Oral Health video to help teachers create engaging lesson plans.

Lesson Plans

Other Classroom Resources (Customizable Lesson Plans)

This program provides materials that make it easy for first-grade teachers to educate their students about the importance of oral care.