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Increasing Dental Case Acceptance with Better Presentation Prep and Follow-Up

You might think that increasing your dental case acceptance rate depends on how well you present treatment, but that’s just part of the story. To break through to higher levels of per-patient and total production, you need to take a broader view of case presentation—one that includes preparation, the presentation itself and, with many patients these days, follow-up.

Preparing the Way for Greater Acceptance and Production

Laying the groundwork for effective presentation can begin months—perhaps even years—in advance and culminate just minutes before seeing the patients. Preparation includes:

  • Using comprehensive exams and treatment plans to identify procedures that may be needed (or wanted), and discussing these possibilities with patients. This not only broadens the range of potential production but also gives patients time to get used to the idea of having treatment.
  • If you’re like most dentists, you need to learn more about how to motivate patients to accept what you’re recommending. This means emphasizing how the patient will benefit from treatment, not merely why it makes sense from a clinical standpoint. A great way to do this is by writing and mastering a script that will prompt you to make a strong case.
  • At the morning meeting, alert the staff about presentations you’ll make that day so team members can help influence patients to accept treatment.
  • If visual aids will make your recommendations more understandable and persuasive, ensure that they’ll be on hand when the time comes.
  • Review personal facts you and your staff have collected about patients so you quickly establish rapport and trust.

Presenting with Enthusiasm and Empathy

If you’ve prepared well, you’ll be able to present the case very convincingly, communicating benefits clearly, from the patients’ point of view, and preempting possible objections. Demonstrate a positive attitude and a strong commitment to patients’ well-being and you’ll increase the likelihood of acceptance significantly.

Following Up Systematically

Unfortunately, it has become harder to close with a single presentation in recent years. Unless patients say “no,” give them more opportunities to say “yes.” Call them personally the following week to ask if they have any questions about what you recommended. Bring up the subject (without pressure) the next time they come into the office, and encourage the hygienist and other team members to do the same. Keep the subject top-of-mind for patients and you’ll often be rewarded with eventual case acceptance.

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