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New patients drive patient growth. Learn how to attract more new patients to your practice from a variety of sources, including your website, social media, word-of-mouth, the community…

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Community Marketing

Community marketing is a long-term approach to building relationships with the people and organizations in your community, including fellow business owners, civic leaders, charitable groups and residents. By engaging in multiple community activities throughout the year, you can create greater awareness of your practice. The goal is for your office to be known as the best choice for dental care in your area.

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Customer Service

You may not think of dental customer service as part of your marketing program, but you should. Treating your patients exceptionally well—not only in the form of excellent clinical care but also in terms of friendliness, amenities, comfort and convenience—will set you apart from other practices in your area.

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Internal Marketing

For dental practices, the distinction between external and internal marketing is critical. External marketing involves reaching out to prospective new patients through advertising of various types and community activities. In contrast, internal marketing focuses on encouraging dental referrals using your existing patient, and it is far more economical and effective.

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Social Media

Participating in social media is a must for most dental practices. It’s estimated that three-quarters of US consumers consult social media as part of their purchase decision-making process. This means that, by using social media for dental practices skillfully, you can amplify the power of your patient referral marketing strategies dramatically and very economically.

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Your dental website is the public face of your practice. Before prospective patients call for an appointment, they will probably visit your practice’s website. They want to see who you are… what kind of services you offer… what your practice actually looks like. They will consider making an appointment, if, and only if, they like what they see on your site.

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