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Patient communication matters now more than ever. Scripting is one of the best tools for managing the patient experience. Use scripts to make sure every patient interaction is a positive one…

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Customer Service

Unfortunately, excellent dentistry alone does not guarantee that your practice will succeed, because patients tend to think that all dentists have comparable clinical knowledge and skills. To set your practice apart—cementing relationships with existing patients and appealing to prospective new patients—you and your staff need outstanding customer service skills.

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Patient Problems

Some problems will inevitably arise between your practice and your patients, even though you’ve done everything in your power to avoid such situations. You can’t prevent these issues totally. You can, however, figure out what would be the best way to deal with each scenario and then create patient problem-solving scripts to guide you and your staff.

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In spite of all the remarkable advances in communications technology, ordinary telephones still serve as a lifeline for dental practices. Most patient-practice relationships begin with a phone call, and how you handle that first interaction will probably have a profound effect on what follows… or doesn’t. This new patient call illustrates the vital importance of a telephone script.

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Power Words

A simple conversational technique enables anyone—even the most reserved person—to convey energy, enthusiasm and excitement. The italicized words in that last sentence are known as “power words.” By learning how to use them effectively when communicating with patients, you and your staff will find it much easier to reach your performance targets.

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Welcoming Patients

To stand out in a crowded field, your practice needs to consistently “WOW” patients. Dental scripts have the power to elevate your customer service from ordinary to extraordinary. The patient welcome plays a crucial role in how new and current patients perceive your office.

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