BP Screening and Follow-up

The BP is a reliable indicator of cardiovascular function and correlates well with a number of other diseases and conditions (secondary causes). The natural history of HTN is well understood, it has an asymptomatic stage during which it can be diagnosed, universally acceptable and reliable tests are available to detect the preclinical stage, and there is evidence that early intervention during the asymptomatic stage will improve outcome. BP screening for HTN in oral healthcare settings should be systematic, i.e., an ongoing activity. The BP should be recorded on all new patients at the time of initial appointment and at all subsequent appointments. Minimally, follow-up based on initial BP measurements for adults without acute end-organ damage should be based on the recommendations in Table 6.12

Table 6. Recommendations for Minimal Follow-up Based on Initial Blood Pressure Measurements for Adults without Acute End-organ Damage.

Initial BP (mmHg) Follow-up Recommendation
Normal – < 120/80 Provide advice about lifestyle modifications and follow-up in 2 years.
Prehypertension – 120-139/80-90 Provide advice about lifestyle modifications and follow-up in 1 year.
Stage 1 HTN – 140-159/90-99 Provide advice about lifestyle modifications and confirm within 2 months.
Stage 2 HTN – 160-179/100-109 Refer for medical evaluation within 1 month.
Stage 3 HTN – ≥180/110 Refer for medical evaluation immediately or within 1 week depending on clinical situation and complications.