Test Preview

  1. A biofilm is _______________.
  1. A positive use of biofilm is _______________.
  1. The specific plaque hypothesis would support the following belief:
  1. Researchers currently believe that all of the following bacteria play a role as periodontal pathogens EXCEPT:
  1. Scientists have had difficulty in identifying specific periodontal pathogens because _______________.
  1. To study biofilms, scientists have used newer microscopy techniques such as _______________.
  1. Which of the following characteristics is typical of a bacteria in a biofilm?
  1. Given the nature of bacteria in biofilm, which techniques may be helpful in controlling oral biofilms?
  1. How can a subgingival biofilm formation protect periodontal pathogens from locally delivered antimicrobial agents?
  1. Possible new strategies to control oral biofilms include all of the following EXCEPT: