Test Preview

  1. Adolescence is the period of growth between ages ______________.
  1. Since 1991 the adolescent birth rate has ______________.
  1. The percent of adolescent pregnancies occurring outside of marriage is?
  1. In pregnant females aged 11 years to 15 years medical complications in the mother and fetus occur ______________ than those aged 20 through 22 years.
  1. Maternal smoking during pregnancy can lead to ______________.
  1. Cardiovascular changes during pregnancy include ______________.
  1. Respiratory changes during pregnancy can lead to ______________.
  1. The effect(s) of respiratory changes can be exacerbated by ______________.
  1. Perimyolisis is a term describing?
  1. Studies of the relationship of periodontitis during pregnancy to preterm and low birth infants have produced ______________.
  1. Laws regarding consent by pregnant patients under 18 years of age ______________.
  1. The fetus is most sensitive to the effects of radiation during ______________.
  1. The following statement is true about the placement of composites during pregnancy.
  1. The greatest risk from teratogenic drugs to the fetus ______________.
  1. A strategy to minimize the concentration of drugs in a mother’s milk during breast feeding is ______________.
  1. Pregnancy Risk Classification (PRC) C drugs ______________.
  1. Acetaminophen is PRC category ______________ drug.
  1. Ibuprofen and naproxen are PRC category B drugs.
  1. Lidocaine is a PRC category ______________ drug.
  1. During the third trimester of pregnancy ______________.