Understanding and Evaluating Associateship Opportunities
Community and Surrounding Area

Course Author(s): David G. Dunning, MA, PhD; Robert D. Madden, DDS, MBA

Community and Surrounding Area

  1. Does the community and surrounding area offer the livability features needed for an associate candidate and his/her family to achieve short- and long-term life goals? These goals could include: healthcare, education for children, recreational options, cultural experiences, shopping, and so forth.
  2. What is the past, current and projected economic health of the community and surrounding area? This would include: cost of living, demographic trends, unemployment rates as well as major employers whose downsizing or upsizing could significantly impact demand for dental services and dental insurance availability.
  3. Suggested resources for analyzing the community and surrounding area include: local chambers of commerce, the state department of economic development, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, http://www.city-data.com/ and www.bestplaces.net.