Understanding and Evaluating Associateship Opportunities
Vetting an Associateship Opportunity

Course Author(s): David G. Dunning, MA, PhD; Robert D. Madden, DDS, MBA

Vetting an Associateship Opportunity

As part of due diligence, an associate candidate should do his/her “homework” about the dental practice and the contract. Further, the candidate should also have a labor law attorney review an employment agreement before signing it.

Vetting an associateship opportunity needs to reflect career intentions. “Only a job” is much different than having intentions to buy or buy-into a practice. The list of items below becomes more important in situations of an associateship leading to future ownership (buy-out or buy-in).

Similarly, an owner-dentist may utilize this list in preparation before hiring an associate, thinking through the vital issues involved.

The following is a generic list of questions/concerns grouped by major categories. While admittedly not exhaustive, the detailed items provide for a solid framework for examining a given associateship opportunity.