Simple Block Squeeze and Resistance for Strengthening Equal Sides

Seated Mountain Pose (Dandasana)

Feel the feet directly under knees, full and straight on the floor. Press into the awareness of the big toe ball, pinky pad and heel equally. Draw the shoulders back, over hips, lengthen spine, pull the belly in and up slightly in a gentle toned hold. Place a yoga block or full box of gloves between the thighs and simply engage the thighs with slight tension and begin to press them towards each other, keeping the feet fully engaged. If there isn't a prop to use, the palms can be used to create resistance here. Inhale, squeezing together gently for the four count, exhale release hold. Repeat 5-8 full breaths. Now, put a strap/belt/band around the thighs, or place firm palms on outside of the legs for resistance, press the legs apart for the count of four and release. Note if the feet are flat, if not, you may need to move them slightly to obtain this. If using the hands on outer thighs, be sure to maintain tall seated. Repeat 5-8 full breaths (Figures 3‑4).

Figure 3.
Photo showing seated mountain pose inward motion.
Figure 4.
Photo showing seated mountain pose outward motion.

Stretch/Release in Seated Wide Leg Pose (Konasana)

While sitting tall in the chair, come to the edge of the seat (preferably without wheels), and take the legs as wide as comfortable until a full releasing stretch is felt. Place the hands on the inner thighs and breathe as the thighs start to press wide and away from each other. Keep feet flat under knees and tall. Hold 3-5 full breaths.