Awareness “Tune in”

Recognizing tight tissue as a sign of discomfort is a very important awareness to cultivate. People are often so busy with interaction and internal dialogue that they scarcely remember to simply “tune in.” When beginning to notice the annoyance of the edge of pain, perhaps increasing over weeks or months, yogic principles can be applied to stop the cascade into chronic conditions or even injury. Cultivating awareness is key to possessing spinal integrity in with movement.

So, how does one “tune in” exactly? It is imperative to take the time to check in with breath while being in the different positions required with patients. More importantly, use the antidote of yoga poses with the breath to stretch tension and strengthen weakness. Yoga does not require flexibility, but flexibility and strength can be gained by following one simple principle-observing the breath in movement and static position. Once this becomes fairly routine, it will be hard to imagine to have lived without this connection to the body.