Standing Spinal Twist Wall Assist

Face the wall in mountain pose, close enough to touch the wall with elbows bent. Keep the legs gently active and place both hands on the wall. Keep the shoulder facing the wall. Inhale and gently use the arms to turn to the left. Engage the left hand pressing more than the right to maintain this gentle turn of the torso. Imagine softening in the low and mid back relaxing with the exhalation. After 3-5 breaths inhale and upon exhale bring the twist to the right side of the body, using the right hand to press more into the wall to initiate the turn. End the twist with an inhale and coming back to mountain pose. Stay here for 3-5 breaths (Figure 14).

Figure 14.
Photo showing standing spiral twist.

Repeat the practice of moving the spine in all 6 directions in which is meant to move, laterally with right/ left, forward and back, and lastly rotation to right/left. Be mindful, using the most important tool to connect with your body, the BREATH.