The Bandhas (Energy Locks): The Pelvic Floor

The Bandha is defined as a “lock” of the energy flow inside the body. Strength and stability of the front and back of the body, referred to the core, is essential for pain and injury-free movement. When the body experiences long-term repetitive motion, it responds with increased tension in the connective tissue associated directly with the position of that body part. The first muscle group responsible for the action activates primarily, the next muscle group takes on some of the effort, and the next and so on. Each muscle does not act alone. Humans have the ability with awareness, to activate areas of the body that lighten the load, thereby saving any one muscle group from doing all the work and suffering the consequences. This is where awareness of the Bandhas is very beneficial in sustaining proper alignment over time. They are associated with areas of the body related to the larynx, upper belly and perineum. They connect proportionally core stability, pelvic floor health as well as the breath. All muscle groups enjoy the assistance of these “energy locks.”