1. Ethical codes lay out the goals and aspirations of a group and address areas of _______________.
  1. A virtue is defined as a _______________.
  1. Educational institutions seek to indoctrinate students to the goals of the health care professions by _______________?
  1. A bad clinical outcome from medical or dental treatment does not always indicate unethical conduct. This statement is _______________.
  1. A code of ethics is a promise to society to _______________.
  1. Judicial notice is a term that means a court of law _______________.
  1. Problems in the 15th century with physicians who revealed the secrets of patients is known today as _______________.
  1. Problems in the 15th century with physicians who treated patients while drunk is known today as _______________.
  1. The first dental code has been in place since _______________.
  1. The primary goal of the dental code of ethics as stated in the preamble is to _______________.
  1. The first dental hygiene code was created in _______________.
  1. The principles and values utilized in the dental hygiene code of ethics are _______________.
  1. The term complementarity can be defined as _______________.
  1. What percentage of patients in a 2015 survey by the American Dental Association stated that they were likely to choose an ADA member dentist knowing that those dentists follow an ethical code?