Cynthia Sellers, RDA

Cynthia Sellers

Cynthia Sellers has been leading dental teams as an effective Practice Administrator of two large dental practices for over 15 years. She has a degree from the University of Texas in English with minors in Spanish and Reading. Cynthia was born in the U.S., but spent some time growing up in Monterrey, Mexico, where she learned about the culture across the border. In addition to dentistry, her background includes teaching high school English and public speaking as a Certified Texas Hospitality Instructor for various resorts and restaurants.

Her passion is to lead practices to the top by focusing on 5-Star patient care. Cynthia excels at motivating dental teams, utilizing the Linda Miles practice management model, while training them to manage by the numbers for a more efficient and profitable practice.  Implementing systems that offer less stress for the dental team is her ultimate goal. With effective marketing, practices can climb to the top 5%. Cynthia is an international speaker, speaking fluent English and Spanish.