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Robert V. Faller, BS

Robert V Faller

Robert Faller has in excess of 40 years in the Oral Care Research field. He retired from P&G after more than 31 years in Oral Care, where he focused on caries and enamel related research as P&G’s chief cariologist. He is editor of Volume 17 – Monographs in Oral Science: Assessment of Oral Health – Diagnostic Techniques and Validation Criteria. He has written 3 book chapters, published 34 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has over 100 published abstracts on fluoride, caries, dental erosion, and various oral care technologies, along with 5 patents related to Oral Care and 6 Continuing Education courses. He currently resides in the UK and is a consultant to the Oral Care industry.

Updated: Sept 2021