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Salme E. Lavigne, RDH, PhD

Salme E Lavigne

Salme received a diploma in Dental Hygiene (University of Toronto), a BA in Biomedical Anthropology, (Lakehead University), a Master of Science degree in Dental Hygiene (University of Missouri-Kansas-City), and a PhD (Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba). Salme was Coordinator, Dental Programs, Confederation College; Chair, Department of Dental Hygiene, Wichita State University and Professor & Director, School of Dental Hygiene at the University of Manitoba where she taught periodontology to both dental and dental hygiene students and medical microbiology and infectious diseases to dental hygiene students. Her research interests lie in oral/systemic medicine, periodontology and the older institutionalized adult. Salme has authored more than 25 peer-reviewed journal articles in National and International journals and 3 textbook chapters. She has delivered over 100 professional presentations in numerous countries including South Africa, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, China, US and Australia. Salme has held numerous appointments including President, Canadian Dental Hygienists Association; Commissioner, Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada; Chair, Canadian Foundation for Dental Hygiene Research & Education; and Councilor, Section on Dental Hygiene Education, American Dental Education Association. Salme has received Alumni of Distinction Awards from both the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto.

Updated: Dec 2018