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Syrene A. Miller, BA, MSW

Syrene Miller | CE Author

Syrene Miller is the Project Manager for the National Center for Dental Hygiene Research & Practice. She is involved in developing curriculum materials for Faculty Development Institutes and teaching health professionals and educators how to integrate an evidence-based approach into practice and curricula. Syrene created the website, Evidence-Based Decision Making. She is currently a clinical instructor at Washington State University working with students on scholarly projects and evidence-based decision making.

Syrene has presented at national and international dental, dental hygiene and allied health conferences on Evidence Based Decision Making including as a faculty member in the pre-Conference workshop for the 1st International Conference on Evidence-Based Dentistry. Syrene is the co-author with Jane Forrest on EBDM journal publications and on textbook chapters, the last 4 editions of Clinical Periodontology (Newman, Takei and Carranza editors), the current editions of Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice (Darby & Walsh; and Bowen & Pieren editors). Ms. Miller also is the co-author of the new textbook, Evidence-Based Decision Making: A Translational Guide for Dental Professionals.

Updated: Jul 2021