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Periodontics: Oral Health and Wellness I. Understanding Periodontal Health, Recognizing Disease States and Choices in Treatment Strategies

Course Number: 50

Define Periodontal Health Goals

The first learning objective of this course is to define periodontal health goals. Health has been defined as freedom from physical disease or pain. The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) Guidelines for Periodontal Therapy position paper states the goals of periodontal therapy “are to preserve the natural dentition, periodontium, and peri-implant tissues; to maintain and improve periodontal and peri-implant health, comfort, esthetics, and function. Currently accepted clinical signs of a healthy periodontium include the absence of inflammatory signs of disease such as redness, swelling, suppuration, and bleeding on probing; maintenance of a functional periodontal attachment level; minimal or no recession in the absence of interproximal bone loss; and functional dental implants.”2 Periodontal therapies will be evaluated as to whether or not, and to what degree they meet periodontal health goals.