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Sleep Apnea Management for the Dentist

Course Number: 578

Other PAP Considerations

There are a variety of mask options with PAP:

  • Nasal mask

  • Nasal pillows

  • Full face mask

  • Total face mask

  • Oral mask

  • Hybrid mask (nasal cushion with oral mask combination)

Personal preference and facial anatomy dictate which mask might be chosen. The mask should meet comfort requirements and provide a good seal to prevent air from escaping (Figure 7).

Other PAP Considerations - Figure 1

Figure 7.

This patient is using PAP via a nasal mask. In order to prevent air escaping through the mouth, the mouth needs to be closed or at least nearly so. A chin strap can aid in keeping the mouth closed if the patient has a propensity to sleep with it open.

A PAP unit is considered a medical device by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). As of this writing, a PAP device does not count against your carry-on baggage. The device may need to be removed from its carrying case prior to x-ray scanning at security check points. The PAP device however, may be kept in a clear plastic bag to prevent it from becoming dirty. Masks and tubing may remain in the case. Please check the TSA website at for updates prior to air travel.