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Popular Diet Trends - Lean in on Dental Health

Course Number: 663


The research presented in this course underscores the growing evidence that a whole food dietary pattern is key in the preventing obesity. Furthermore, a towering body of research suggests that healthy, nutrient-dense dietary patterns have significant advantages on chronic disease prevention and maintaining optimal oral health. Based on these findings, it is important that dental patients enjoy a health-promoting dietary pattern high in nutrient-rich foods and low in ultra-processed foods with added sugars.

The most sustainable and effective health changes occur when we encourage our patients to select a whole food dietary pattern that they are comfortable following throughout their lifespan. In contrast, a poor-quality diet, low in fiber, low in whole foods, and high in ultra-processed foods and sugar, will lead to caries, periodontal disease, obesity and a variety of other chronic diseases. Healthy eating trends, such as the Healthy U.S.-Style, Healthy Vegetarian and the Healthy Mediterranean-Style diets all include a diversity of whole foods and are a sustainable approach to wellness. When it comes to diet trends, oral healthcare providers can help patients reach a better understanding of the significant impact nutrition and healthy lifestyle have on the oral cavity.