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How Whitening Works

Course Number: 657

Paint on Whitening - Pens & Applicators

An additional form of oxidative tooth whitening has been attempted with the use of paint on systems. Typically, these use applicators such as small brushes or pen-like applicators to put thin films of whitening ingredients on the teeth. Peroxides are commonly included in contemporary applications. Paint on systems have an advantage of convenience and ease of application on the go. They are positioned as being easier to use than strips or tray systems, but they have a checkered history in tooth whitening. An obvious limitation of paint on systems is the lack of a route to permit sustained application and retention for contact time on the teeth, and many forms run the risk of being washed out prior to providing meaningful efficacy. Some forms have attempted to compensate for this by directing use at night – where the gel might be retained to produce some levels of whitening.116-127