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Intraoral Imaging Techniques: Beyond the Textbook

Course Number: 660

Problem #2: Difficulty Positioning Sensor for Mandibular Molar Periapical

Example: Difficulty positioning the sensor for a mandibular molar periapical…tongue is pushing the sensor over the teeth. The mouth is small and the sensor is too long front to back.

Discussion and Solution: First, level the occlusal plane. Using a vertical bitewing holder, offset the sensor to align with the particular tooth/teeth. The holder keeps the sensor inside the mouth…it cannot move out of position. Do not use an aiming ring…follow the correct vertical angulation for that particular tooth/teeth. You will not image as many teeth as a traditional periapical, but the image of the selected molar can be ideal (Figure 20).

ce660 - Fig 20

Figure 20 - Mandibular molar periapical.
Use of a vertical bitewing holder (C) as an alternate sensor holder when the mouth is small. Use the suggested -5 degrees negative vertical angulation (A) to create an ideal molar periapical (B).